Many people cannot afford hundreds of dollars a month for individual voice lessons, but for an incredibly low price you can join our community of like-minded musicians for a vocal-centric but all-encompassing series of weekly group classes, where each week individuals will get some one-on-one vocal work as well.

We will cover issues and questions that any developing musician and vocalist may have. There will be a topic for presentation, and also answering of questions that can be submitted all week in advance.

Why is it vocal-centric? Because every singer should have access to instruction, and we believe that every instrumentalist should be a proficient singer!

The Music Mindset – broadens your connection to music and your community as well as your employment opportunities.

We will get laser-focused on your singing voice! There will be two One Hour individual voice lessons each week for an eight week period via video chat (or in person if you are in the Los Angeles area).

In these lessons, we will use a series of arpeggios and exercises to open up your tone, expand your range and smooth the transition between your chest and head voices.

In addition, we will work with selected songs in your repertoire to apply what we’re accomplishing in your “workout” to the songs you want to be singing.

In the eight week period, you will see a dramatic improvement in your voice and technique!

We will have the same two one-hour sessions a week as the Vocal Intensive, but we will be adding the element over the next month of fully producing one of your own songs.

You will end up with a professional production along with voice coaching specific to your own song. You are invited to record the final vocal to your song here in Los Angeles in a top-level studio environment. If you can not travel here, the music will be sent to you for vocal recording at a studio of your choice. (Local studio time not included)

We will then do any necessary editing of your vocal takes here and add them to the final mix, resulting in a professional album quality recording of your original song.

If you are a developing writer, we can also discuss help finishing your songs. Maybe you have unfinished ideas, or maybe you are a lyricist without extensive knowledge in harmony and composition, or the opposite – maybe you have musical ideas that need a top line melody and help to craft lyrics. Whatever the situation, we are able to help!